Monday, December 9, 2013

The male insecurities

(WARNING: THIS POST MAY BE INAPPROPRIATE FOR KIDS AND SOME ADULTS) What are they, actually they are none (just kidding) but to top it off, they have short height insecurity, always trying to compare themselves with people with tall heights. The biggest one I believe is what everybody now knows for sure is the private part size issue. In numerous movies and writings, I have observed that men are overly obsessed with what size they. They really don’t care if it performs or not as long as it is of more than the average size. Performance becomes critical when they are with somebody as they want to hear that they have satisfied their other half, so if you have read study after study that most but not all women fake their orgasms so that their partner is not emotionally hurt. One of the other insecurity is about their salary. As you cannot ask a woman about their age, so you cannot ask a man about his salary (I don’t have any idea why not?) And although the men don’t say anything but they are very insecure about their appearances vis-à-vis the female ones that is why you see so many men in the gym trying to build up their bodies and stay fit in order to compete with other men. As far as salary goes, men are also insecure about their job stature and how it measures it against other jobs in society. As a male individual I don’t have problems with any of the above as I am perfectly fine with how I am and how I present myself to the outside world. There will be many men who will feel that way but still the above ones are some of the insecurities that men have, although women will protests that there are many and I am keen to listen to their views too since I may have overlooked some. I don’t know if it is the society that instill some of the insecurities but there is definitely pressure on both the females and males to come up to certain standards and then some are self created. So let me hear your side of the insecurity that you feel was overlooked.

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