Thursday, December 12, 2013

World of Finance: Temping: Another way to earn a living-6

If you want the job of your choice, you should directly go the company's website to apply although I fear that you would not get that much lucky there either if you have more experience in a certain area and you are applying in a different area since the software will automatically scan the key words in your resume to match with the job description. The more you temp, the more time you would then waste in not getting some retirement benefits and also since you don’t have sick days, you have to be careful not to fall sick and in the temp case, you will have to manage to get your own health insurance since most of the temp companies don’t give any and the amount you have earned as a temp, you will have to allocate to health insurance besides your commute, food and lodgings. And there are no retirement benefits so there is no matching amount that you and your company can contribute jointly. Although working as temp can be a good way to earn money and experience if you don’t have any other option but as I have already elaborated above, it should not be a substitute of attaining a full time position in a company not necessarily of your choice. And temping is not only for young people but anybody can be temping at one point in their lives and especially with the older folks who have been laid off and are having a hard time to find another similar position, temping can be good way to stay update in the market place and update your skills while you look for that ever elusive full time job.

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