Friday, December 27, 2013

Why people bring race into touchy matters-2

And what if horrors of horrors, these folks find out that Jesus Christ is not the white blue eyed person that they were supposedly assuming. And there are credible evidence that he was not the one that is depicted in the paintings and pictures of him all over the western world. And would people who perceive them as a white man have a lesser respect for him if he turns out to be not a white person. I don’t know why people would want to create such a controversy so as to blur the message that he was conveying. Why are we so hung up on the race of people that does it matter in terms of his/her character personality and other traits which should be more important than the non issue of race? And on the subject of race I have never heard about Jews questioning the race of Moses or the Muslims questioning the race of their Prophet. Why then the race of Jesus Christ becomes so important? As we are on the subject of race, do you think that if I come to you as a white person in a land full of people will different physical characteristics like color of your skin, facial feature, way of talking etc, would you believe me or would you rather believe a person who is of your own kind and have lived and born in your area. Just a little thinking will dispel your doubt about what Jesus Christ looked like.

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