Saturday, December 7, 2013

A closed mind

What do I mean by a closed mind as opposed to an open mind? An open mind is that which does not automatically accept what is dished out to him/her and keeps his/her option open regarding what to make of the situation. An open mind is not bigoted or racist or intolerant against other races or just not budges from a position even in the face of facts. This is opposite to a closed mind where even if the people with this characteristics are presented with facts refuse to accept it, they are not ready to do further research into a subject matter and even if they do, their mind does not accept it since they have been taught that the things have be of a certain way and any deviation from it is blasphemy, heresy, abomination or a crime against religion. Their mind is so wrapped up or is of such a single track mind that it is useless to sway their opinion unless it corresponds to their own myopic view of the situation. You may call what you want such a person like conservative or a label similar to that but they are just so narrow minded that they are stuck in their world view. Nowadays the so called Muslims are stuck in the closed mind mentality as they are unable to comprehend what is going on around them and things are changing so fast that they are have closed their mind to any kind of constructive thinking that can explain these events to them and hence they have closed their mind to all the technology and other progressive stuff happening and are not ready to argue their views peacefully and are ready to resort to violence if somebody gives them an alternative interpretation to their views.

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