Sunday, December 22, 2013

Too many distractions

It was not that way before, I mean the distractions that we encounter each day and they keep on increasing. Some of the examples will prove my point. Not so long ago we just had television to watch and we use to concentrate on it fully when watching a program and then came the video recorders and now with the internet all the rage, we are unable to concentrate on a program and we keep on getting distracted by internet or cell phone or all the apps that are available to us. Driving is one of the most important aspect of your attention but here the things have also changed as you receive your phone calls and send text messages, eat and chat and listen to the music while also driving and if you have not had a good night sleep then your distraction also includes sleepiness while on the road. You may have read that there have been so many fatalities on the road and this due to the culprits I have mentioned above and teenagers who are driving these cars are very much distracted with their texting and despite all the dangers and caution and advertising the fatalities does not stop. I have seen people crossing the road and chatting on the phone or texting and also just walking they keep on checking their phones and I start wondering what is so much important that it cannot wait for a few minutes until you reach a safe place to do your texting or chatting or checking on the email or whatever.

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