Thursday, December 12, 2013

World of Finance: Temping: Another way to earn a living-5

As a temp employee you are the least protected of all the employment types (believe me I know). Once your job ends and you are asked not to come, then you go to the agency to find out if you have another gig lined up or if you will have to wait. Usually you have to wait, but you don’t need to stick with one agency and you should try to apply again to various agencies to see if you can find similar to what you were doing before in any other company. One thing is for certain, all the employment agencies work for the companies who pays their bills and you are just an employee to them so even if they sympathize you to the max, don’t expect them to work for you with regards to what you want in a job. Their job is the match the requirement of the company to what their employees have to offer and if does not match, they would not bother you to send your resume to their client company. I have tried to do it every time I finished my first stint with a company I had to tell that I want to work as a finance person since I had my bachelors and Masters in Finance and they did had a sympathetic listening to your "grievance" but they could not do anything about it since my experience was in the Trade Finance and they could not find a job other than that. These companies are there to help their client get the most optimal employee not the one that they have to train from scratch and that is not the intention of these agencies.

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