Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Conspiracy theories galore

The world maybe full of it and every day there are more and more made up because the information to refute it on the contrary are nonexistent and if even if it exist the conspiracy theorists dismiss it as a cover up. I just have to give you some examples to let you know that conspiracy theories stay alive and they never die. Most of the people who had potential and died young have been subject of much conspiracy theory. To give you some examples, Marilyn Monroe, the Sex bombshell who alleged committed suicide, Bruce Lee, the martial arts expert and actor who died at the age of 33 or so even people who have not died so young have created a sort of conspiracy theory around them like Elvis Presley. In all these cases, some people are so shocked that they are unable to accept that their favorite celebrities have died and they try to build stories around them to make themselves and others believe otherwise. The biggest conspiracy theory that is not going to die down is about Osama Bin Laden (OBL). Some people say that he was never in the compound in Pakistan from the start where he was killed and some say it was an imposter that got killed. There is another theory which says that if he was there how come we did not get to see the body of the most wanted man. I don’t have neither the time nor the critical analysis to determine if it was true or not but OBL was killed in Pakistan and that should be the end of the story but you know even if you had shown the body, people would not have been convinced it was him since they could have said some other make believe thing that they are more comfortable with.

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