Tuesday, December 10, 2013

World of Finance: Temping: Another way to earn a living

Although I know that unemployment is falling as economy is picking up (the latest unemployment figures will tell you that) but you may times when there will not be many full times jobs and you will be looking for any job to do so that you can pay your bills. You know that paying your bills is important and essential and if you are unable to get a job full time and are just getting unlucky for a long time, have you ever tried working as a temp. A temp (or temporary worker) is a one who works full time but is not given all the benefits that come with permanent (nowadays called full time) status. I have already gone through this process for three times for a total of 30 months so I have definitely have experience with how this works. I had this temp opportunity a few years back when jobs in my area were not plentiful or you can say I was not qualified enough to land a job. Although I know that if you have family and you want to take care of them, it is not the best option (which I will elaborate further) but since it is paycheck coming in and you don’t have much choice, then it is better to take it then to look for the elusive full time job which may come later but why waste time now to not take the temp job and keep on looking for the full time job, at least in that way you will gain money and also some experience too.

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