Wednesday, December 11, 2013

World of Finance: Temping: Another way to earn a living-3

Although my temp jobs were not suppose to become permanent but I kept on persisting to do my best and eventually my temp jobs became full time but not everybody is so lucky. Some people like to work temp jobs because it gives them the flexibility to work around their schedule. But for most of us a temp job is a life line to pay our bills till we get the coveted full time position. Why do people want full time position when you are already working as a temp and sometimes make more money? It is because of the benefits that come with a full time job. Let me explain when I was working as temp, I was getting higher wages but at the cost of coming exactly on time (no matter what kind conditions I encountered on the way to the office), leave exactly at five no matter how much emergency I have unless I make arrangements with my boss in which case I would not lose any hourly wage provided I make it the next day or sometime that week. Although most of the temp jobs are through an employment agency, it is not rare to score a temp job on your own and since I went with an employment agency for all my temp jobs, I will relate my experience. I did not force myself to go with the small employment agency but I believe that the smaller ones (in my experience I have gotten me jobs faster than the bigger ones. But the disadvantage with the smaller ones is that they don’t give you any vacation days after a certain months that you stay with them. There are no bonuses or even sick days and it is up to you to score overtime with the company that you are doing your job.

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