Monday, December 16, 2013

My writing style

I know you must be wondering what my writing style is really. I don’t have any (just kidding), but as I said in my previous post on grammar, I write in the style that I am talking to my readers and if you talk to someone in casual or friendly conversation you don’t use any grammar to voice your expression. And that is what I do in my blog, although it can be annoying but my point is the get my opinion across not to teach a lesson in grammar. You may have also noticed that my articles are overwhelmingly 250 words or more but not less and it must be intriguing to some people why I stop at that point and continue to the next part 2. It is my observation and my experience that I at least lose interest after 250 words on a topic or I just want to take a breather and start anew. I know it is not a school topic where you have to have 250 words article but it is almost like that. Another thing is that sometimes there are topics which demand much more than my 250 words or so limits and if I believe that there are many more things to discuss I stretch it or continue to the next part of the article. It may not be the ideal choice but I don’t want to have a long five hundred words or so paragraph where the reader or I can get lost and lose my attention to the details of my topic. And if I feel that I can finish my topic in around four hundred words, I do that. So here is my style whether good or bad I leave it to my readers to decide. Any comments on any topic are more than welcome and appreciated. I am always ready to improve my presentation of the topics and your suggestion will help me do just that.

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