Wednesday, December 11, 2013

World of Finance: Temping: Another way to earn a living-4

Although you are working for some company where you have to show up every day, for all practical purposes, you are the employee of the employment agency and when you two weeks are done, you get a slip where you have noted all the time that you have spent working and then get it signed by the company you working and then mail (email, fax) to your employment agency and then they will issue the check (or direct deposit) to your name. And since smaller companies are working in a highly competitive business, they are at the least luxury to give you a sick day or vacation day even if you work for them for a year ( I know that by experience) and you will if working for the employment agency will have to sign documents stating your rights as the employee of the agency and what you can or cannot do and what the agency will provide you in terms of compensation. Regarding compensation, you would never know how much the actual company that have hired the services of the employment agency is paying for your services and what the agency is paying you in return. I have heard that usually it is the double of what you are making or like 75 percent but I have never found out. You don’t get any of the regular two weeks’ notice that most of the companies give you when they lay you off and you are constantly on your edge by Friday of every week if your services are needed or will be extended for another week. But even before that you mess up something and you are out of a job not only from the place you are doing it but also from the employment agency.

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