Thursday, December 5, 2013

A matter of Grammar

I must admit that I am not good at grammar, and by the readings of my blogs you can see glaring examples of wrong grammar that is why my wife does not read my articles since she says that it is annoying to read with grammatical mistakes. But I write my blog not to teach a course in grammar but to express my opinion on some issues that I feel strongly about. And since I rarely see any comments regarding my posts and have definitely not seen anything about my grammar it means that my readers understand what I am writing about. When I write my blog, you can assume that I just suspend all kinds of grammatical niceties and focuses on delivering my message. My blog is like when you are talking to someone, you don’t put periods, punctuation marks, question marks, exclamation, commas, semi colon and colons for that matter anything which is part of a literary column. I talk like I am discussing a matter with someone on an issue and if you are discussing an issue you don’t talk or think about what your sentences be based on some grammatical correction. You just talk and discuss and that is how I write my articles in my blog. Just plain simple face to face talk with the common people who may or may not have the same strong feelings about an issue but will come to enjoy the varied and dispersed topics that I write about. So enjoy the articles without having the temptation to see it as a grammatical piece of writing.

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