Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Conspiracy theories galore-2

Then there are historical events which even if they are explained carry with it also conspiracy theories which are sometimes out of this world and sometimes take us to ponder whether they are really not false. Again I will give you some examples to show that these historical conspiracies are not recent but have been going on forever. The first one is about the alien landing in the Nevada desert and it concerns that alien land like sixty years ago and have been in an area called Area 51 which is under governmental control and the government has been hiding the existence of aliens from the American Public. I have not seen it but there have been many movies regarding that area based on the movie makers own perception of what that area is all about. And with it there has been supposedly numerous sighting of UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) that whole books have been written on it. And don’t forget all the movies that have been made about UFO’s and how people have whole networks dedicated to alien abductions which are so convincing sometimes that you don’t have any scientific explanation but still people keep on believing in them as they say that government is trying to also cover up these alien abductions. And then there is the assassination of President Kennedy who has been target of speculation for a long time that who was involved. Although it was decided that a lone gunman was responsible and was arrested from the sight and according to the government the case was closed but for conspiracy theorists it still remains open.

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