Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A question of faith

Recently there was the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting and it was a low key event as parents of the innocent killed kids had a day of mourning in private for them. I would not wish this upon any parent to go through this and I don’t know how it feels (although I lost my niece at age 19, the only child of my sister) but here I want to talk about what happens in these kinds of tragic events and how do people start to question their faith and doubt about their religious affiliation and the whole notion of existence of their lives. Why do people start questioning faith and then the notion of whether a GOD would do such a thing to them? You know that we are all human beings and as such we are have our weaknesses and doubts in life and when we fail to comprehend some event we try to find some excuse to why it happened. It is just that as human beings whenever we are faced with a life and death situation, we are so overwhelmed with grief and despair and are unable to make sense of things, the only way that we can understand with our limited brain functionality at that tragic time to question why as being a good human being doing everything exactly as GOD has prescribed in the Holy Scriptures and practiced and never did anything bad so why are being punished in this way. Why are we being tested when evil people seemingly roam around and are rewarded for your bad behavior?

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