Thursday, December 19, 2013

The best of intentions

You know that even with the best of intentions and preparations sometimes you stumble in what you are doing or things goes awry when everything has been planned to your so called perfection. For example you have planned your vacation to perfection and checked everything you have to do in order to make your vacation clock wise without any hitches, glitches and hurdles but you reach the airport and find out that the planes have been due to inclement weather not from the airport you are departing from but from the one the airplane is taking off. Or you have arranged for a birthday party and have everything to the last detail in order and everything seems to be perfectly working fine and then something happens which you have not expected in the least and all your plans just because of this little unexpected event has been ruined. So what does it all mean that despite your best intentions something goes wrong at the last minute? Who changes these plans for you if you have done an excellent superbly flawless job in executing every detail to the minute level and then it comes crashing down. There is a saying that Man proposes and GOD disposes and that is exactly what is happening here. So matter what your beliefs are or a lack thereof you have got to believe that there is somebody out there who messes up your plan even they are the most perfectly executed one in the world.

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