Sunday, December 8, 2013

The female insecurities-3

Females are not only obsessed with their physical image especially their chest size but are also conscious about what other people will see in them and it is not only what other men will say but also what other females hold opinion about them. It may be about their figures, their hairstyles, makeup, clothes, shoes and the way of being presented, what type of car she is driving or where do they live, raising her kids and what not. Insecurity or you can call it an obsession is about aging. You can see countless aging creams and long half hours commercial stressing the qualities of some anti aging cream to reduce your wrinkles, supposedly reverse your aging somewhat and look younger. I can understand that everybody wants to look younger but to obsess over it and spends thousands of dollars each year on these creams and surgeries would not affect how much your age would no matter how much you want to hide it. What happened to being aging gracefully? The most sensitive topic for women and the most they feel insecure or don’t want to talk about it is about their age. Nobody can dare ask them about their age, you can just guess about it and no other topic is as sensitive and taboo as their age (the same with men about their salary). And it not only inappropriate but highly offensive to ask a woman her age. Don’t ask that I don’t understand it because I don’t. I am sure there are other female insecurities that I have not pointed out and these are the major ones that I see from the male point of view. I will write about the male insecurities sometime later.

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