Friday, December 6, 2013

The human flaws

I have already talked about how fragile a human is being. Now I will talk about the human flaws, as every human being is a flawed person. No matter how much a person convinces you that they are perfect in every shape and form, don’t believe a word they say since you can observe everything around you that will negate that claim. For example if someone claims to be a perfect human being why is it that all computer operating systems get hacked or develop bugs, why is the anti-virus software fail to catch some viruses, why are there so many car recalls not to mention all kinds of products recalls you hear now and then. Your model human being collapses when you cheat, lie, do fraud, commit crime or even if you do not do all those things then you may have an accident, your house may need repairs because you forget to take care of the repair when needed. You try to do the perfect ironing but still you develop some wrinkles, you are seemingly nice to people but when you are not in front of them, you do backbiting. You become angry, argue, get frustrated, annoyed, and sad or have numerous emotions due to certain events outside of your control. Even when you are of the same religion and sect, your flaws sometimes overcome you and you stop talking with each other. You are good to your kids but sometimes you are forget to help them in their homework, or take them out for entertainment or neglect your pet. My point in all this discussion is to point out the basic flaws that every human have and even after thousands of years gone by have retained these and will have because nobody's perfect.

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