Tuesday, December 10, 2013

World of Finance: Temping: Another way to earn a living-2

I know everybody wants a full time job with benefits but if there is none after sending so many resumes then you should not waste any opportunity and work as a temp (or as some say consulting job) and as you know I have done three of them and two of them lead me to a full time job so I can say that it was a success for me. Nowadays with economy not that great and companies are cutting corners and outsourcing their work to foreign countries, any job that start as a temp may or may not lead you to a full time position but if you work hard and make yourself worthy and network around the office, you may still have a chance to make that temp job a permanent one for you. And here I should tell you that it is not easy you really have to make yourself work hard and make that seemingly impossible temp job a permanent one. Sometimes you will succeed in making the temp a full time one and sometimes you are just out of luck and despite being the best temp the company has ever hard, there can be some hard facts to face which maybe out of your control, like the institution maybe cutting staff and you are not in the head count or you were hired for a specified period of time and then you time is up. There are several types of temp one is a short term temp like for a few weeks or even days, the long term one which may last from anywhere from six months to a year and longer and then there is another one called temp to perm which is exactly what it says, that your temporary job can lead to a long term permanent (full time position).

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