Sunday, December 22, 2013

Age old sentences and words used constantly

If you are like me noticing even minute details of life, you may have come across sentences and words that are used constantly and never get old. Nobody has even wondered about these and it has been kept in use because nobody has the time to think about an alternative to it or does not bother to change for fear of starting something new which may or may not be acceptable to society at large. And I am not the one who will start a new revolution by spearheading a change in these as I will only give some examples and see if somebody can come up with a variation of it through their comments in my blog. There are many words and sentences that are used and I will not mention all of them (I don’t even remember all of them to begin with) as it will become impossible to mention all of them. So in the following paragraphs I will only name a few that are in use and sometimes annoys me. The most annoying one is “Please feel free to call me" and its twin "Please do not hesitate to contact me". I mean what the person sending these kinds of instructions implying? That I am not free I cannot call or I may be a little hesitant and with this sentence I should not be. I mean if you have send me a message and if I have some questions do I really need your permission to get some explanation or understanding of what you have sent. Although this sounds much better "if you have any question please contact me" but the ones described above is still very much in vogue and pretty annoying since I have been reading this for a long time and people keep on writing it out of habit..

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