Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Conspiracy theories galore-4

I know every country has its share of conspiracy theories. Those unexplained events that cannot be explained by official reports and conclusions and then people try to deduce what has happened and that spawn into a whole network of conspiracy theory that is hard to put down no matter what. And if you helpless in finding out what have happened or if you mind does not accept the reality, you are constantly in motion of creating these theories. And as I have mentioned every country has its share of it but I challenge anybody who can top the world headquarters of Conspiracy theorists where it lurks every corner of every street in every city of the country. Yes you guessed it right even if you did not it is Pakistan. Sometimes I feel like it is the citizens of that country that have created this term and then exported to the outside world as everything that happens is either the fault of somebody outside their control or part of some conspiracy. You in that country, the killing of OBL is a conspiracy, every bomb blast is a conspiracy, every suicide bomber even if acknowledged by the Taliban is a conspiracy, killing of people of minority sect is a conspiracy, the insurgency in Baluchistan (a province rich in minerals and Pakistan’s biggest) is a conspiracy and you can keep on counting and you will find conspiracy is like the eternal sunshine that is never ending. And you would think that it may die down sometime but it has kept on piling up.

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