Saturday, December 7, 2013

The female insecurities

Before everybody jump on me regarding why only the female have securities, please note that I will be writing about the male insecurities too so everybody should hold their horses and self reflect (whether female or male). I would not go into the comparison whether the female or the male is the most insecure about themselves but just to highlight that human beings no matter where are generally insecure and not sure about themselves in certain aspects of their lives. As you know I am a male and am married so I just observe and will report what I see are the core female securities. It is no way to reflect on all the females but the majority may fall into it. The first thing which they are insecure or not sure about is whether a career is important or having a baby is important or which comes first. Even if their husbands are supportive either way, they are torn apart on whether to advance themselves on a corporate ladder or just have a baby and stay in their family life. This confusion has arisen because of the plethora of studies giving them alternative views on the subject that they are unable to make up their minds regarding this important subject matter. If they decide to further their career and postpone starting a family then they are at risk of the so called biological clock ticking meaning that don’t have much time in order to have a baby and if they prefer the baby route then they are not able to have fulfillment as a career woman.

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