Saturday, December 14, 2013

Can you say no to your kids?-2

Kids don’t need to know your money problems unless it becomes so acute that you have no other way of telling them but the truth. But their innocent souls would never comprehend what goes on when you have to say no to some toy or some vacation that you are unable to take just because you don’t have a job or you lost one and you have to tighten your budget. But if you happen to have a job then it becomes even harder since you have to make sure that you say no to your kids sometimes but also not spoil them by buying them whatever they want. It is a juggling act and it becomes harder when you have one kid and you are constantly trying to be the good cop and bad cop at the same time. You want to buy the whole world for your only child but you fear that it may spoil him/her and that will not be good for them in the future when they grow up. So as a parent you should have the courage to say no when it is necessary and appropriate and it depends upon the situation and on your own circumstances. Each parent has to decide when to say the dreaded no word because as a kid you may have also known to show your anger when you heard the word NO and now it is your turn to say the same NO to your kids knowing very well that it is in their best interest.

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