Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another lovely trip to the Dentist

A while ago, you heard my adventures at the dentist office and here I am again with another one of my trip to the dentist. As you have already know by now that I hate going to the dentist. I know every does too but they go anyway maybe twice a year. But I haven't gone to one since at least one year and I was expecting some sort of pain. As so with a heavy heart I made an appointment early in the morning to have my teeth cleaned. Arriving at the early hours of the morning, I had to input my information on an IPAD(r) because I did not do it before when sent to me via email a few weeks ago. After that long filling up the form, I sat down to wait for my turn and then it happened, the hygienist (or a doctor I did not bother to ask) ask me to come in the room and told me that she will take a bunch of x-rays for my teeth and I knew that I was already in trouble a big one. I have done this x-ray thingy before and I hate it more than I hate the root canal, extraction and cleaning or whatever the dentists do to you teeth. You see they use little x-ray cards to put in your mouth sometimes way back and you have to hold it for a few seconds (less than ten) but those seconds are highly uncomfortable because my tongue hardly stays in one place and when it touches those x-ray cards, I make the vomiting sound. And when I do that the person who is administering this, have to take the x-ray out and then again insert it to get the x-ray.

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