Monday, December 2, 2013

To shop or not to shop on Thanksgiving Day

Now this day has become controversial because some people chose to have it so. It is a whole debate about whether you should or should not shop on this day. And this controversy is increasing every year as more and more retailers chose to open on this day and ask their employees to work too, which some refuse and some accept grudgingly. But as the customers have shown, they are willing to shop if the stores are open. And every year people start to grumble about why the store should be open since it is the day families get together and share meal and give thanks. And I was talking to one of my colleague and the same question came up that the day should not be about shopping but thanksgiving and family gathering. And I was arguing that one gives thank every day so why this day should be not like any other day. And then it was like this is one day dedicated to thanksgiving, we should keep it that way. Although the matter was not resolved as you might have guessed. But we should give thanks every day and nobody is forcing anybody to go to shop. As for the employees they can chose either to work or just stay home with their families. And the rise of the internet shopping what you are going to say about that? Is it then okay to shut down the internet just because it is thanksgiving in the U.S. Why can’t people resist the temptation to not shop for one day. I Surely believe that if people do that then this rise in shopping on Thanksgiving day will go away but I don’t see it happening. Why because of the internet which is on 24/7 so to shop or not to shop on Thanksgiving day has become an irrelevant question to me.

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