Friday, December 13, 2013

My tribute to Nelson Mandela

As everybody has heard about it by now, the great South African leader who led the movement against apartheid in South Africa died at the age of 95. As long as I remember I have been hearing his name on and off since he was in prison until today. He was a beacon of hope for so many South Africans and others alike and the best thing (according to me ) he did when he came out of prison and apartheid was dismantled and he became president to reconcile with all the factions of society (name blacks and whites) to move forward and forget about the past. Although it is very hard to forget what may have happened to your family and friends under a repressive apartheid regime, it was under his leadership that he made sure that there is no retribution and no tit for tat killings and punishments and that his how South Africa has moved forward under his guidance. That is the best legacy that a leader could give that instead of revenge and retribution which anybody can do, it takes a great man/women to forgive his enemies and move forward with his life and others since there is a larger cause than an individual being that Mr. Mandela strived for and achieved. And as many people and dignitaries around the world mourn his death the same people are also celebrating his life and achievements and paying tributes to him. As you know that no man is perfect but we all strive to be reach that level of perfection and Mr. Mandela despite being a mortal tried to be the best human being as he possible can under the circumstances. May his legacy lives on in South Africa and elsewhere.

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