Monday, December 9, 2013

Another lovely trip to the Dentist-2

The x-rays to be taken for my teeth near my mouth were slightly better as I did not have to open my mouth all the way up to have the x-rays done. One of the techniques she told me is to breathe to my nose heavily so that I am concentrate on my breathing instead of the x-rays. Only one or two time it worked as the other times I was just a mess as the constantly putting the x-ray in and out made my eyes all watery and after much struggle it was done and I thanked GOD for the completion of this ordeal., then the cleaning part came. As I am bad with the doctors and dentists, she had to do a thorough cleaning without giving me local anesthesia and most of the time it was okay and one or two types, she hit my gums which hurt a little but not as much as it did with the x-rays. And after all the cleaning, she told me to take care of my teeth properly and floss it too and come every six months because one year’s time to come to the dentist and two years for the cleaning is not good for any teeth and all the other nitty gritty details that you are not supposed to know about my teeth ( I guess with all the hacking of the websites going on even the ones that are supposedly secure, it is best to not let some information of your life online). And then the dentist came and checked my teeth and recommended to me some procedures which have to be approved by the insurance company before they can start it and after that thankfully my appointment was done and I headed toward my work.

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