Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Conspiracy theories galore-5

If it were only the normal folks, then it is understandable since they don’t have much information or the time to decipher complicated situation but even the top level politicians and government officials succumb to these ridiculous conspiracy theories and join the chorus of other people so that the issue is deflected and takes on a meaning of helplessness or just plain indifference. When you unable to solve people’s problem and you believe that they are out of your control or don’t feel compelled to solve it then you try to create these conspiracy theories which illiterate and uneducated people buy into it and then instead of the real issues you are in a maze where you are trying to find your way out but cannot since you have made yourself to believe that it is outside forces that are responsible for your predicament. And this is what is happening in Pakistan for the last 4 or 5 decades. Although I know that conspiracy theories will never die completely and there will always be people who will even in the light of facts twists and turn the facts on their heads and try to convince the world their version of events but we should instead of creating these theories (easier to explain) try to rationalize and reason and see if what we are creating is in line with the know facts. It is easier to make your mind convince of some unknown theories than to figure out what is true or not.

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