Saturday, December 7, 2013

A closed mind-2

And this closed mind has been the cause of decline of the Muslim world and it is still continuing since there is no leader who can bring them out of this rut. It is like blind leading a flock of blind as they are still trying to figure out who is a true Muslim so they don’t have time for the outside and its innovation driven economies. The closed mind has done considerable damage to the Muslim world and they have not been able to argue with other religions about anything subtantative. And if people don’t have any reasons to argue about a statement, the so called Muslims instead of patience and reasoning start killing because the other side is not adhering to their beliefs blindly. And it is not just the Muslims (although majority of them are) but also ordinary people who are not open to any suggestion which may give you a faster or alternative solution to a problem. Like a saying is that you cannot teach old dog new tricks and it is mostly true but you can substitute the old into anybody who refuses to hear anything which is contrary to his beliefs even if it is beneficial to him/her or may cause the work to speed up. This closed mindedness can have repercussions not only on them but also on their loved ones. As the clash between the old generation and the new ones can be very frustrating because the old wants to go on their own ways and are not ready or not willing to learn or adopt to news ways and the new generation does not understand the old ones. It is very important that whatever situation you encounter, you should always approach it with an open mind otherwise you may miss out on some solutions which may be beneficial to you.

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