Friday, December 27, 2013

What’s wrong with regifting?

The idea of regifting has been around for a long time but now it has gain more acceptance as recent survey says that over 70 percent approve of it and do it. So what is so wrong about it that people were not shy about it to mention it now than it use to be before. I believe the economy has more to do with it than other things. But another factor is also the wide spread acceptance that it is really ok to do it and there is no shame in acknowledging it. You know that people values and morals change as the society and times change and this is also one of the moments when there is increasing emphasis on saving money and if the gift is perfectly in fine shape in a box and all packed and you don’t need it then it is okay to regift it to someone else. In this way you can save money without busting your budget and admittedly reduce the clutter in your house. I would readily admit that I have done regifting in the past (once or twice maybe) and if I can, will do it again as the benefits of doing it outweighs the cost of not doing it. And why not if I am able to save some money and gift it to another person when I don’t need the item in the house and reduce clutter and also make somebody else happy who may need it for their house then all the power to the regifting phenomena. Hey you have to save some money right think about it and enjoy regifting

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