Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Learning computer programs.

Although nowadays everybody is learning computers and it seems like a worn out question that if you are learning one or if you know how to operate computers, but learning computers just does not mean what is being meant generally. I know computers and some skills needed to complete my job like MS office skills of MS word and Excel but if you really want to go in-depth of computers and make it a part time money making job, you should learn to program and codes. I know it is all the rage and it is not for all tastes but what harm is there to learn how to code and make your own website. If you are dedicated and disciplined enough to sit and learn, you can have a heads-up when you are applying for a job where besides your skills you acquired in the office where you work, you can also lists these additional links so that the employers knows that you may be the right candidate even if you are weak in some other areas. If you want to make websites on your own so that you can have flexibility on your website, you should learn the basics of web design like HTML, CSS, PHP and MYSQL and JavaScript. At least one hour a day is enough but if you have more time, be my guest and invest more time. You don’t have to go to school as it is more expensive but if you search the web, you will find plenty of websites that offer free online tutoring to make you learn at your own pace and timing. And I know that people will say that why you need to learn these programs when there several software out there which can make your website up and running without the need to learn programming. And you are correct and that was my mentality too but if you want your website to me responsive to your needs or even if you don’t want to make a website, it is nice to have an in demand skill at hand just in case you are unable to find a job in your original field and there is no harm in learning new things.

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