Monday, December 23, 2013

Age old sentences and words used constantly-3

Terms like "Yours truly", "Sincerely Yours", Yours Sincerely" and all of the other variations have been in use since GOD knows what years and nobody is not even thinking about changing it. And it is not just in the U.S. that we use these terms but all over the world the variations of any of the above terms are used in different language. Although the person using these terms use it in all sincerity but some of the terms become irksome to a rare breed of people (like I) who want to shake up the status quo and try to find new ways to rehash or retire these terms and use new ones. Maybe my blog will help people start thinking about new ways regarding the sentences and words or maybe it will not but at least I would have helped make them see these terms in a new light and create new ones replacing the old ones or just create new one from scratch. You may be showing respect to the person you are addressing (or maybe you are not) but to see these words in hundreds and thousands of documents makes you feel like you are just do it without any thought process. And there may be other sentences and words which I may not have discussed it here because I don’t remember or have not come across it though but the ones described above which I have come across needs some fine tuning or sometimes major overhaul as they are some of the most annoying ones out there that has not be changed for several decades.

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