Sunday, December 1, 2013

My target of 2000 articles-2

You see I am now able to say that I have thousands of articles on my blog and I intend to keep on bringing more interesting topics as time goes by. I hope to have this as a constant source of my income in the future so that I can increase my frequency of articles. Right now I was posting three articles per day so that I may reach my goal. But from now on it will two articles or sometimes more depending upon how many topics I have lined up (and if I get some regular funding I may even write more). I just enjoy writing as it keeps on my mind sharp and constantly on my toes so that I observe things more carefully and keep on thinking what should be the correct way to do things if it was in my power. It is really fun to write about things that I feel is the right way to do it. Once I start getting regular funding or financing on a monthly basis, I can ratchet up my articles more and more. Nowadays I usually read 10 to 12 newspaper a day constantly being updated on the internet besides countless articles which are scattered around the internet from different newspapers and magazines. When I started I did not know that I would be able to write one hundred articles let alone having more than 2000 articles. And now that I have achieved this, there is no stopping how many I would be writing in the future so please keep on reading and supporting my blog. Thanks

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