Thursday, January 2, 2014

Selective Amnesia

Do you ever have selective amnesia and what it is that causes it. Let me explain everybody has selective amnesia that is the beauty of being a human being. People do it not out of some disease but because they want to suppress some bad part of their life history or because they want to hide something or don’t want to remember what happened in order not to offend some family member or other people. Even when you are at work and you does something wrong, you can claim your own selective amnesia because people may not want to get into trouble by claiming to know something when they can escape with have not remembering it. Amnesia is forgetting things or just not remembering it due to some trauma, or accident that may have happened that was so tragic that you can't seem to remember it under normal circumstances. But with selective amnesia anybody with a normal healthy life can claim that they did not remember something and that is the end of the story even kids can claim that and get away with mischievous acts. Unless you have some solid evidence that the person in question did that particular act, you can in no way prove that he/she is not claiming selective amnesia and getting away with it. I mean selective amnesia is a very good defense in case you have done something wrong or don’t want to remember intentionally and you will find these examples every day of your life. So more power to selective amnesia.

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