Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another cruise ship gets sick

Now I am getting sick reading more than six hundred passengers getting sick recently on a cruise ship, which has now returned to its home base and the cleaning has begun. It was some sort of a virus and the cruise ship operator has offered fifty percent refund on the current cruises and fifty percent on the future one. Who will again go in their right mind on the next cruise is a good question to ask. But if someone says that it is just a onetime event and it does not happen always. That is true since many cruises depart every week but you only hear the ones that face with disaster, but even one news like this can make you think twice about going on a honeymoon or an excursion especially the ones who have already become sick in one of the cruises. I long time ago went on a cruise with my family from Boston to the northern parts of the U.S. and Canada. At that time, we had the luck that the weather was perfect (with no rain or clouds to worry about) and smooth sailing all the way, so every time I hear about the cruise ship disasters, we thank our lucky stars that we did not encounter any. Although I along with my daughter enjoyed the most, but my wife does not even want to think about going on a cruise again. I would love to go a cruise but it makes me think twice over when I hear these kinds of reports and then imagine what it were me and my family on that ship and we are stuck. No thank you for now and for a few years until everything goes well and the Cruise industry takes precautions. Although I know that disaster can strike any time but there should be contingency plans in place the minute something like this happens. No excuses whatsoever since people have paid money to enjoy the cruise not to turn it to a nightmare.

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