Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Spelling bee Contest that was a surprise

So last year my daughter decided to enter the town wide spelling bee contest. As I hate to get up early in the morning on Saturdays, it was really a chore at that time to go but my daughter finished fifth at that time not because she did not knew the word but because the person in question pronouncing it had a different accent and my daughter did not ask for either the definition and sentence relating to it. But this year she entered again and I said Oh Lord not another of those spelling bees. Well I found out well in advance that I had to go and reach there by 8.30 A.M. last Saturday but completely forgot the date just two days before and after sleeping late on Friday night and waking up early on Saturday,. my mood was not that great. I got coffee and then went to the high school where the spelling bee was supposed to be held. It was raining light when we reach the auditorium of the high school and there were already all the kids that were supposed to take part in the spelling bee contest. Me and my wife were so sleepy and the place was very hot which the organizers promptly apologized but said that they cannot do anything about it. Any after sitting in row of vacant seats, the contestants were called on the stage and asked to sit down and the a whole range of rules were read out detailing that if any is breached then the contestant will be disqualified.

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