Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Choice of Natural disasters

Before everybody jumps on to condemn my choice of words especially the ones who have happened to be caught up in one of the natural disasters, it is just my opinion and from experience. The purpose here is not to offend but give you some thought about what I am saying and then start thinking yourself. That is the purpose of all my articles is to make people think about things that they have not thought about it before. With that this topic as well as some coming topics this year will be difficult to read or makes some people angry and the purpose is to let people think that what they would want to do in cases where they are caught unaware. This topic was delayed to the Typhoon that struck the Philippines late last year since it would have been insensitive on my part to create an impression that one disaster is more severe than the other. You know that every natural disaster creates casualties and I don’t want to wish upon any natural disaster on anyone but since we live on planet earth, I am sure everybody has experienced some sort of natural disasters in their lifetime. Be it a typhoon, hurricane, tornado, Tsunami, twisters, earth quakes, floods, lightning, bone chilling cold or scorching heat, you will ultimately face any one of them depending upon where you are living. And if unfortunately you are in their path, you will very rarely escape their path or if you do, you will sustain some sort of injury.

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