Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The interfaith Dialogue (debate)-3

And who is going to decide which sect should be represented at the dialogue. What will be the composition of it and what topics to avoid among themselves. What are they really going to discuss with other religions and will they be able to accept or come to a conclusion with peace sprouting up around the world. And what if some of the sects from either side object to any terms and conditions, what will happen then. It is easy to say that we should have interfaith dialogue then to come to modalities of how the dialogue is to be conducted. Even the place where it is supposed to happen can be subject to controversy. As I said initially, the two major religions don’t agree with each other beliefs and then within each religion there are sects which do not agree with each other. How are they going to reconcile issues which have been there for thousands of years? So before everybody jumps on this bandwagon of interfaith dialogue, try to find a common ground among your own faith so that everybody is on the same page and not make a fool out of themselves and stick with the major issues without going on into what one believe or not because if you don't then you are setting up yourself as a failure before even the start of the dialogue. Publicity regarding it is fine but the reality is very harsh and bitter. Because you will not agree to everything so it is imperative that there be a list of issues to discuss and what is not in agreement can be hampered out in the next meeting. Since religions have been in conflict for thousands of years so this kind of dialogue (if it ever happens) will have to take place over many years (maybe hundreds of thousands) and not happening in any of our lifetimes.

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