Friday, January 24, 2014

Clusters of Similarity-3

I had never had any kind of problems with people of other kinds, it is the people who you think you know well because they are from your own background that causes problem when living in the same vicinity because they think that you need to be guided, criticized, back stabbing and talked about and it is their right because they are from your kind. As far as raising your kids the way you were raised and instilling them the values that you hold dear, you can still do it without being clustered or situated in an area of your own kind. And this is exactly what I have been doing. It is your will and determination and how well you can withstand the pressure of not being within your kind that counts. I am not saying that people don’t live with their own kind because it is up to their own choice where they want to live and raise their kids but I don’t believe living among your own kind is any better than living apart unless you are in a hostile country with hostile majority who don’t want anything to do with your race and you are a nuisance to them. Staying in a place where you have similar types of business that is actually helpful. You see one you have so many businesses in one place, there is a lot of competition (unless you have a pact that nobody is going to reduce the price of their similar product beyond a certain point) but it is also a stop shopping also where you can find that maybe one shop has a different variety or is out of stock, while the next may have something that the other store may not have. Another is that if manufacturers are clustered in one place, you can find a lot of talent gravitating to that place.

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