Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The legalization of Pot

Pot also called marijuana (also called weed, grass and any of the other names that you can come up with) is the drug of choice for mild drug addicts (yes that is what I am saying here). Never tried, never will and don’t have curiosity or inclination to do but what brought me to this topic was the recreational use of Marijuana initiated in one state of the United States-Colorado. Well not everybody will agree with me and especially the people who have their loved ones sick and they need to take it for the medicinal purposes and surely I would not be a very popular guy who take it occasionally to get high since they believe that it is useless to make it a crime because everybody is almost doing it and it is just like it was about time to make it legal. And I am sure as hell no that since people are saying that the war of drugs is a failure we should if not beat them then join them and now the no less than the President of the United States is saying that it is no more lethal than alcohol and even one former President has even said that he tried it but did not like it. What does this all mean in terms of legalization? It sure looks like that after gay marriage, there is an attempt to make marijuana legal and public policy is being created to make that happen slowly and surely.

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