Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow day in Atlanta, Georgia

Before I start, just for my readers internationally, Georgia is a state in the United States with Atlanta its biggest city. It is in what we call the Deep South and thus they have a hot climate even during the winter days. The winters are not as cold or harsh as they are in the Northern areas of the U.S. Thus the people living there and many of them being from the north to escape the harsh climate have made Atlanta their home, and they are not used to snow or cold weathers. Furthermore they have no transit system to take back millions of people in case of snow and don’t want to invest in it either. And it was about time that Mother Nature had a little fun with them. For us people living in the north, we chose (grudgingly) to have all four seasons all year long as our winters are harsh and summers sometimes hot but not very often. And I can understand that there was the issue with ice but it is a big international city and how they dealt with is at times funny (for us people in the north) and at best tragic as thousands of people got stranded on the roads and hundreds of school kids had to spent time in their schools after regular school day because of this snow. I would not call it as a snow storm because merely three inches of it (in spite of ice) does not qualify itself to make a big city paralyzed and incapacitated for the whole day. Whatever excuses that are now pouring in for not preparing, it is still the fault of the government not to prepare its citizens in these times when most of the people don’t know how to cope with snow and ice. A new mass transit system is now in need for the city even if the people think that this will be once in a life time phenomena because you never know it might occur more frequently in the future, so better be prepared than to suffer again.

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