Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Year in Review-2013-3

An old Pope's surprise retirement ushered in an New Pope the first from South America who is now following a policy of inclusion and stirring up debate about issues around the Christian world. The birth of a royal baby in the United Kingdom to the son of Princess Diana was news that hit the headlines in 2013. The Syrian conflict is still going on with tons of refugees being created but it does not seem that there is any end in sight. The U.S. almost came to the brink of another war when it was reported that Syria used chemical weapons but after the promise of destruction of all chemical weapons by the Syrian regime, the war was averted. A devastating Typhoon in Philippines destroyed lives and property and an outpouring of aid from countries around the world. They are still trying to recover from this natural disaster. The African Nation of Kenya was hit by a terrorist attack in the shape of some terrorists attacking a mall and laying siege to it before they were neutralized by the security forces there. It was shock that the whole Kenyan nation could not comprehend and it brought the war in Somalia closer to home in Kenya. And the military coup in Egypt eclipsed any news coming out of the Middle East. After a year of what I would call experimenting with a government they were surely not equipped to handle, the Military had enough of Islamist government of Muslim Brotherhood and ousted them from power and installed their own. Many of the people were happy but Islamists are not and the protests are still going on.

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