Monday, January 6, 2014

Book smart vs. street smart

Have you ever thought about if you are a book smart or a street smart, and what are the meanings of them? This thought came to my mind while talking to someone about some issue and I just blurted out that some people are book smart and some are street smart. A book smart person is the one who goes to college and gets a degree and knows stuff which are theoretical while a person who is street smart may or may not have much education but he/she knows how to navigate his daily life not on the basis of some hypothetical theory but because he/she is able to speak the language used on the streets and thus can utilize his/her street knowledge to deal with people and earn a living. Not everybody is bound to be a book smart person and not everybody can claim to be street smart person either. It just have to a combination of two but you know even if you have the greatest knowledge in the world acquired through books, you may not be able to navigate your daily life if you don’t know how to apply that knowledge to every day usage. Although street smart can get you through some job in the office but the street smartness would get you through your life as most of the time you don’t deal with book stuff but everyday stuff and you meet with people who may not be up to your literary capabilities but they may be able to help you go through your everyday life simply and without applying complicated formulas and analogies. So in order to really survive in life try to be both.

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