Friday, January 17, 2014

Why I can't be a politician or a diplomat?-2

Would you vote for such a politician who will curtail or eliminate certain benefits which most of the people (Democrat and Republicans) hold on to it? And the politician have not even been elected and he/she will be trampled mercilessly for even suggesting that since some of the benefits/entitlements/ programs are like the holy cow that it should not to touched, tinkered or even curtailed. Even talking about it would be shot down as fast as the words come out of the mouth of a candidate. It is just as hard for a candidate to say the right words and then measure up to that performance, because contrary to what people say they don’t want to hear anything which is taking money away from them or they are being asked to sacrifice a lot. That is why my chance at being a politician is like the weather although a permanent one being below zero. You know in order to a politician the whole campaigning issue, the meeting with the people, smiling all the time (when you really don’t want to) going from one event to another plus smiling with your opponent and trying to get as much negative information about him/her is really not my cup of coffee so to speak. It has just to lie sometimes but if you are going to be lying even in your heart it is the truth then it is bad because you are lying not in front of two or three people but the whole world, by which I mean your event will be all over the internet, TV, radio, newspapers and all the media events and you will not be able to recover if the lie is way over the top and you have somehow have the knowledge of it.

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