Monday, January 6, 2014

Bashing of the Sexes

You may have noticed how each sex bashes the other and see their own as the superior one. For example men may say that all women do is to complain about how the men are deceitful and liars and cannot be trusted with mundane things. And on the other hand men treat the opposite sex as being greedy and suspicious and cannot be trusted either. But even if all the bashing goes on, they can’t live without each other. You have seen the shows on television, in movies and other media outlets about how the men and women try to outsmart each other and bash each other sexes to the fullest but then they still reconcile and find solace in the arms of each other. I know that some men and women act despicably towards each other and still the majority do sometimes bash each other during certain circumstances but that does not mean that all are bad. I mean why to bash the sex and not the individual, I can understand that when somebody is hurt by the opposite sex for reasons like when you are in a relationship there is a tendency to bash the whole opposite sex for the sins or mistakes of an individual. But if you think about it rationally it is that individual that gave you grieve and you can also reflect upon yourself if were also not partly to blame and even if you feel you are innocent (which most of us do anyway), you can still not blame an entire gender for what has been done to you as an individual. So if you really want to bash the sexes just think if it is the individual who deserve it or the gender.

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