Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Choice of Natural disasters-3

For other natural disasters, you have been forewarned and have ample of time to escape even with a tsunami, at least you can run and have a safe place but with earth quakes if the whole place is shaking where are you going to go. I had that experience one time when I was sleeping at night in Lahore, Pakistan and the whole house started to shake and even getting down from the second floor was a struggle since the whole place was shaking violently and I was scared too much and that is when I realized that being in place where the earthquake can likely strike is indeed terrifying experience. And even if the shaking stops, you don’t know if it will not start shaking again. For other disasters, you can see that once it is done it is not going to come back but with earthquakes you cannot see if it had really stopped. Although it is your choice when and of what kind of natural disasters you will face but for me Earthquake is the worst there is and I don’t want to be in one if I had my way. I don’t know if you had other experiences and think that other disasters are life threatening but I am talking about in case something happens you don’t want to be in an earthquake situation since you cannot go anywhere because the whole earth is shaking and there is no shelter. Speaking of shelter, experts say that your best bet to stay safe in an earth quake is to stay out in the open so that you are safe but what if the land you are standing on is not safe then what?

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