Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dark secrets

I surely know there are people out there who harbor dark secrets that they don’t want to reveal voluntarily or don’t want people to know about it. And the secrets can be of any time or place and would cause you embarrassment or you may suffer a loss due to it. And these secrets can be from the time you were little and did not know right from wrong and it could from the time you did know what is right or wrong but for that span of moment did it because it felt that it was the right thing to do or you were forced by circumstances. Even things which may seem innocent to you can in your infinite wisdom turn out to be major mistake or blunder if revealed in public or even to your family. Some time you may have lied long time ago and are afraid it will come out to haunt you if revealed and sometimes you just want to forget about your past and have already paid for your sins and wants to just move on. Is it okay to hide your dark secrets? Maybe it is and it depends upon what are the contents of the dark secrets. Maybe the secret may not be as bad as you think or it may really have an impact on your job or family and you don’t want to bring it up. Every has done stupid things in their lives and you feel ashamed of what you did after the fact but as long as you have realized your mistakes and not committed again the same, it is not that relevant to bring open your secrets as the other people may not be that understanding (as if they are so much holier). So keep it is a secret if you are okay with it and no need to bring it up after years and years down the memory lane if you feel comfortable with yourself.

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