Monday, January 6, 2014

You need constant change in life-2

Unless you are doing something else exciting in your life to make your living you are doing the same routine work without any additional input in it. You are just being a robot that does the routine work and then go home to come back again the next day for the whole work week. Can you bring change in your life or would you be going the same routine? It just depends upon you, if you have a business, every day you can have change in your life because every day is a struggle and full of opportunities but if you are stuck in a job you are the mercy of rules and regulations of the company which you cannot deviate and have to adhere to and also depends upon the instructions of your boss. As I said before even if you are human being you feel you are acting like a robot doing the same routine work in anticipation of getting a paycheck. How do you achieve change in your life when you cannot change your food timing or change your work routine? I can understand that everybody has to eat in order to survive so unless you are going to fast one day and eat the next or some radical idea like that there is only so much you can do like change the menu and the time or skip a meal. What about your work? How can you change the routine that are so accustomed to it that you can do it blindfolded? You cannot do anything about the routine but you can make the day go by during your lunch hour and also during the work day do something interesting or out of the ordinary, talk to people, your colleagues outside of work to see what interests them and what is interesting to you. Apart from owning your own business where every day is different there is not much you can do to change your routine other than do something not work related during your work time. And that can only be possible if you are creative enough to have change in your life and that is why I have my blog to thank for as it keeps on my toe all the time and my mind sharp for things to come up for the topics in my blog. You should also try to have changes in your life, be creative and then you would not feel bored.

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