Friday, January 17, 2014

Why I can't be a politician or a diplomat?-3

And when you meet an opponent you want to be nice to him/her but in your heart you may not like the person or even if you do you can’t since she/he is your competitor so when you see two candidates shaking hands it is for the cameras otherwise they would wish they were the only candidates. The shaking of the hands is also just a photo op, as the candidates harbor ill feelings towards each other notwithstanding the smiley faces. So being a politician is not my cup of tea or even if it was I would never be a good candidate because people don’t want to hear the truth. So it the same for the diplomat also, you don’t have to often lie about anything and they are not elected but selected but you still have to defend your countries policies in front of the host country. And it is not even up to you where or when you are posted to a country in which you are unable to speak their language or you may not even like that country. And if you country does something then you are in the unenviable task to defend your country and sometimes it is the diplomat that are caught in the middle. And although you may represent your country but the host country and its people may not like you and they are just tolerating you because they have to have some relationship with your country. And for that I am also unsuitable for the position of a diplomat also. So now that I have ruled out my political and diplomatic career, I feel that I can relay what is on my mind through my blog and not be restricted by some superficial restraint or beholden to some unrealistic constituent.

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