Monday, January 6, 2014


I believe that most of the people in their lifetime have been scammed at least once. It may not have resulted in a monetary loss but you were somehow almost about to lose some money regarding some questionable deal that is too good to be true. And it is not that I have not been scammed, but due to my stupidity or ignorance at that time I fell for it and had to cancel my cards immediately when I found out and never went to that company again. It was also long time ago and I had just started using the internet so I guess you can say I did not do due diligence like calling the bank directly or the card company and fell for it. But nowadays there is so much information out there bewaring people not to fall for scams internet or otherwise and still people get scammed. Usually it is the senior citizens who get scammed the most but you would find that people in desperate situations are also very vulnerable. If you are unemployed or desperate for money, you will most likely fall into scams which promise you work and huge amounts of money for little or useless work. It is all about the money and since human beings have to pay bills or just become a little greedy that is why when such so called opportunities arise, all the rationality and caution goes out of the window and you get trapped into letting somebody have your credit card number or social security number or just send some money in order to make more money and you know that you are duped when nobody replies to your email or your calls and you are just plain find yourself dumbfounded that why you did that thing.

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