Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Year in Review-2013-4

These were some of the major and minor events that happened in the previous year. Apart from my going to Chicago, we took a mini vacation to the south of New Jersey and saved a lot of money but enjoyed our min vacation nonetheless. And I believe that there maybe other events that I may have missed or overlooked or just did not consider it important enough in my view to merit attention like the ongoing violence in Iraq that is not letting up and have in fact increased due to the current civil war in Syria and also because the sectarian violence is being fueled by different countries funding for their own agenda. But it was a good year for me since I saw my mom after three years hiatus and it was good to see her. Work wise nothing was out of the ordinary as I did the same thing that I was doing in 2012 but thank GOD I still have a job. Hopefully the New Year will bring new happiness, challenges and opportunities which we will all prevail and enjoy and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy. Apart from doing that, we should also be considerate of our neighbors and friends and the less fortunate ones and for this to happen, we will have to be a better person than we were last year. Professionally we should strive to grow more in our jobs and learn something new and not only one stuff but many things and it will not take that much time to learn because you can start small. So with this I welcome you to the year 2014.

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